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Gent, Belgium

Nelson Hair Team

Barbershop relies on excellent clima concept

The Nelson Hair Team celebrity hair salon is a family company which has received numerous international awards. Whe ndesigning the concept for their salon in Ghent, the owners knew it was important that customers feel immediately at ease the moment they walk through the door. Clear lines give distinction to the elegant, purist design, while customers are greeted cordially as they arrive. To ensure the indoor climate also matches the sophisticated feel-good ambience in the salon, the Nelson Hair Team wanted a high-grade air conditioning concept which could heat and cool at the same time in a draught-free system and which would make customers feel that they were breathing in healthy, fresh air at all times. A VRF system was installed, consisting of a compact PUM Y outdoor unit and aceiling concealed unit, which ensures an optimum indoor climate from its hidden installation position above the large mirrors. The system was made complete with two high-pressure floor standing units fitted into the walls and a Lossnay Ventilation system to feed in fresh air, which is pre-conditioned before it is released into the salon.